Florida DT Sharrif Floyd Overrated By The Media?

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel’s Bob McGinn released an in-depth analysis of some of this year’s top defensive line prospects Sunday. Among the names listed was Florida’s Sharrif Floyd.

Despite being listed as the premier defensive tackle in this year’s NFL Draft, McGinn quoted some NFL scouts who were mixed about his professional skill set.

Falcons general manager Thomas Dimitroff is on the positive side of the debate. “He’s quick, agile and plays with good leverage,”  Dimitroff said. “He’s a combination of almost all you’re looking for at the position. He’s an aggressive, disruptive, play-making tackle.”

Another scout sounded a little less confident, but still optimistic when describing Floyd to McGinn: “If he doesn’t win with quickness, which is exceptional, it’s hard for him to counter and get off blocks. But he’ll probably win with quickness. I think you’re safe with Floyd.

And then there are two additional unnamed scouts who were very critical of Floyd’s abilities. One of them believes Floyd has short arms and “gets kind of Velcro’d on blockers too much.” Another scout added that “Those idiots on TV made Floyd. He’s not that good. He’s not better than Ziggy Hood. Floyd’s not a real bulky guy but he can run.”

However scouts may see him, it’s still believed Sharrif Floyd is still believed to be a very high first-round pick Thursday evening.

pixy Florida DT Sharrif Floyd Overrated By The Media?

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