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Free Agent Rumors: Terrell Suggs, Robert Ayers, Safety Market, & Rams

Jason La Canfora of CBS Sports offers a number of suggestions in his latest article regarding some teams and impending free agents.

Terrell Suggs

  • Jason La Canfora writes that if the Ravens do, in fact, end up retaining veteran OLB Terrell Suggs, it’s going to be at full price, as he doesn’t see Suggs offering them a hometown discount.
  • Should Suggs be available, La Canfora believes the Cardinals would make sense for him, given their need for a pass-rusher and the fact that they’re in win-now mode.

Robert Ayers

  • According to La Canfora, Giants DE Robert Ayers is well-positioned to secure a big payday in the coming weeks.
  • La Canfora could see Ayers coming close to or possibly beating the five-year, $47 million-plus deal Vinny Curry signed with the Eagles.

Safety Market

  • The safety market reportedly consists of the Eagles, Dolphins, Jaguars, Chiefs, Raiders and Redskins, according to what La Canfora is hearing.
  • La Canfora wouldn’t be surprised to see veteran S Eric Weddle sign a new deal that would pay him $8 million or so per year.
  • La Canfora still expects the Chiefs to franchise S Eric Berry in the near future and continue to work on a long-term deal.


  • La Canfora expects Rams CB Trumaine Johnson to “break the bank” in free agency.
  • Los Angeles doesn’t just have to address Johnson, but also fellow CB Janoris Jenkins.
  • However, La Canfora mentions that Johnson’s size and ball skills will make him a big-time commodity on the open market.
  • There’s still a chance the Rams will either use their franchise or transition on one of these players.

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