Gary Kubiak Open To Return As Offensive Coordinator?

Jason La Canfora of CBS Sports reports that former Broncos HC Gary Kubiak, who retired from coaches due to health concerns, would consider returning to the NFL as an offensive coordinator next year if the right opportunity presented itself.

According to La Canfora, several of Kubiak’s coaching assistants believe Kubiak returning to coaching isn’t out of the question and it’s possible he could be in demand.

La Canfora adds that the stress and strain from head coaching wouldn’t appeal to Kubiak, but he the opportunity to work with the right quarterback and help an offense for a contending team would have some allure.

The first team that comes to mind for Kubiak is the Ravens, who have struggled offensively this year. Kubiak previously held that position and did a great job in Baltimore before departing to become the Broncos’ head coach.

Although this is just a speculative options on my part.

Kubiak decided to step down as Broncos’ head coach after the 2016 season due to concerns about his health.  Kubiak missed a Thursday night game due to what was referred to as a “complex migraine condition” and he suffered a mini-stroke during a game and had to be rushed to the hospital while he was with the Texans.

Kubiak, 56, began his NFL coaching career with the 49ers back in 1994 as their QBs coach and later took over as the Broncos’ offensive coordinator/QBs coach the following year. The Texans hired him as their head coach in 2006 and he spent eight years in Houston.

The Ravens hired him as their offensive coordinator in 2014 but he spent just a year in Baltimore before he was hired as the Broncos head coach.

For his career, Kubiak’s teams posted a record of 82-75 (52.2 percent) to go along with three playoff appearances including a Super Bowl championship in 2015.

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