Giants MLB Jon Beason Expected To Miss 12 Weeks With Foot Fracture


Mike Garafolo of Fox Sports reported on Thursday that Giants MLB Jon Beason left OTA practice and was carted to the locker room with an apparent foot injury.

Kimberly Jones of the NFL Network is now reporting that Beason has a sesamoid fracture in his right foot that will require surgery.

The prognosis is X amount of time and it (the Sept. 8 opener) is within that timeframe,” Beason said today. “I expect to be back (for that game). If not, I’ll be back as soon as I can. That’s really how you have to look at it. If it’s not 16 (games played), maybe it’s 15 or 14. Whatever it is, you want it to be that number as opposed to one.

It’s just one of those things – you have freak injuries,” Beason said. “I was just changing directions. I would say that the movement was a little unorthodox, I was flexing with the big toe in the ground and then I pivoted on it all the way around. It’s a movement that I often do that allows me to come in and out of my breaks faster. I literally felt like I stepped in like a sprinkler head hole. I just felt it give right away, so the next step I knew I couldn’t put the foot down.

“I had a bad feeling. I really felt that I that I had torn the extensor, which is the tendon with the muscle, it’s how your big toe functions. That would have been season-ending. So at least now there’s a procedure, possibly. We haven’t decided if it’s something that’s invasive or something that you just kind of let heal on its own. The timeframe is about the same, but it’s not season-ending, so I’m happy about that.”

According to Jones, Beason will need 12 weeks to recovery from this injury and he is expected to visit with the same doctor who performed Eli Manning‘s ankle surgery.

The Giants will place Beason on the PUP list to start the 2014 season.

Beason, 28, re-signed with the Giants this offseason. He came over from Carolina after a mid-season trade sent him to New York for an undisclosed 2014 late-round pick.

Last year, he finished the season with 104 tackles, an interception and a pass defensed.


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