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Raiders Have Had No Contract Talks With Greg Hardy, Despite Reports


Jerry McDonald reports that there has been no contact between Raiders and free agent DE Greg Hardy up to his point.


ESPN’s Adam Schefter reports that free agent DE Greg Hardy has started negotiations with a team that does not want to be identified, and has interest from other teams as well, according to his agent, Drew Rosenhaus.

Rosenhaus reportedly expects Hardy to secure a strong multi-year agreement from a new team in the coming days.

It’s a very positive situation,” Rosenhaus said Friday morning. “While we’re waiting to hear from the league, we’re working through it, and it has been very encouraging.”

Rosenhaus still isn’t sure when a deal will be in place, but said that he “firmly believes it will happen” and indicated that Hardy could get a better deal than many expected.

Earlier in the week, Mike Freeman of the Bleacher Report spoke to an NFL GM who told him that there are “at least” six teams interested in Hardy.

However, Jason Cole recently reported that Hardy is expected to receive either a one- or two-game suspension from the league for his involvement in a domestic violence incident that was eventually settled out of court.

Cole added that Hardy is still seen as a “highly valuable” commodity and could get as much as $25-$30 million guaranteed in free agency.

The Raiders have plenty of cap space to work with and will need to spend a large portion of it to meet the requirements of the CBA. Adding a pass-rusher of Hardy’s caliber wouldn’t certainly seem like a decent move, assuming their comfortable with him possibly receiving a suspension and his previous off-the-field issues.

Hardy, 26, wound up appearing in just one game and recorded four tackles, one sack, and a forced fumble before he was placed on the commissioners expect list.

Last year, the Panthers used their franchise tag on the defensive end, which paid him a salary of $13.116 million for the 2014 season. However, all indications are that Carolina has moved on and he won’t be back with the team.

We have Hardy listed as the No. 5 player in our Top 100 Free Agents list.


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Joe Holland Jr

Greg Hardy to the NY JETS wow what an added piece to an already top DEFENSE. Would be a another great move.


come to INDY greg!

Gary Grinch

I hope the Raiders end up signing Hardy. That would make me forget about the VERY disappointing signing of Roy Helu…

Josh Dokey

Its been rumored all morning that it is the Falcons who are the mystery team that is working on a 2 yr deal with Greg Hardy. They still have $27 mil in cap space left. $11 mill a year would go to Hardy. Reports are Vernon Davis is the “mystery” TE meeting with the Falcons today too.

NFL Trade Rumors

Vernon Davis is under contract with the 49ers so that would be a clear violation of NFL rules.

Josh Dokey

49ers have him on trade block and not if they clear him to talk with Falcons to see if they are both compatible. The Broncos were cleared by the 49ers to talk to Vernon Davis after they lost Julius Thomas.

NFL Trade Rumors

We’ve seen no credible reports saying that Davis has been made available for trade, but if you have something, feel free to send it to us.

Josh Dokey

I read it in ninersnation. He is in his last year of his contract and if the 49ers can get picks in return they would trade him. Who else could this “mystery” TE be? All of the TE’s are signed or are working on a deal except Grisham and he was with the Raiders today. He left with no deal. Unless its Tony Gonzalez coming out of retirement as this “mystery” TE, which I doubt, who can it be?


Roy Helu Jr. is much better than you know. Prepare to be surprised by him. Very agile especially for a guy who weighs 215, great receiving back. He makes things happen.

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