Greg Olson Back On The Trading Block?

There are only a few teams that have been as disappointing as the Chicago Bears this preseason but making the transition to a Mike Martz offense isn’t exactly easy. The Bears have said that they plan to feature tight-end Greg Olson more than Martz’s previous offenses have featured a tight-end. The problem is that because the offensive line has struggled so much, the Bears have had to use the tight-end to bolster the line more than they have needed an extra receiver in the passing game.

Mike Mulligan of the Chicago Sun-Times expands on this by mentioning that Brandon Manumaleuna is a better option for that kind of tight-end than Olson, given that Greg is a better receiver. He also suggests that the Bears may have to lower their asking price for Olson from a second-round pick to something in the range of a fourth or fifth round-pick because of the current market value.

Currently, there are only few teams in need of a tight-end this season which should limit the Bears options for a potential trade. It would be shocking to see the Bears give Olson away but their offensive line will hurt the teams progress unless it can be addressed immediately.

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