Jaguars Better Off Passing On QBs In The Draft?


Michael DiRocco of offers an interesting take on the Jaguars current quarterback situation as he suggests that Jacksonville should focus on building their defense rather than select a quarterback in the earlier portion of this year’s NFL Draft.

DiRocco points to the recent success of the Seahawks who had a great roster in place when they took Russell Wilson in the third-round of the 2012 draft. Wilson was able to step into a great situation and focus improving his game rather than carrying a team.

DiRocco also mentions that six of the past 10 Super Bowl winners have had a defense that ranked in the top 11.

Clearly, having a good quarterback in place remains is essential to winning to Super Bowl, but strong quarterback play alone doesn’t appear to be enough by itself to win championships.

DiRocco believes the Jaguars should focus on finding pass rushers this offseason and specifically mentions drafting DE Jadeveon Clowney with their No. 3 overall pick.

There’s no question that Jaguars HC Gus Bradley would be alright with focusing on the defense seeing as he was Seattle’s defensive coordinator before taking the head coaching job in Jacksonville.

The Jaguars could still grab a mid-round quarterback prospect like Zach Mettenberger or Jimmy Garoppolo to develop. They could also shop around in free agency for a stop-gap option like Michael Vick, Josh Freeman or maybe even someone like Matt Schaub who is expected to be released in the coming months.

At the very least, it’s an interesting idea to ponder. For now, we have the Jaguars taking QB Johnny Manziel at No. 3 overall in most recent 2014 NFL Mock Draft.

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Rav Kandola
Rav Kandola

Agreed build the Defense, resign Henne, draft a mid round QB, and please for the love of God cut Gabbert.