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Jaguars Could Move To St. Louis If Rams Depart For L.A.?

According to Jason Cole of the Bleacher Report, the idea of the Jaguars possibly relocating to St. Louis is being bandied in NFL circles as a potential solution in the event the Rams depart for Los Angeles.

Cole mentions that St. Louis targeting the Jaguars is the top solution for them at this point in time.

We’ve previously heard that the Raiders could consider the possibility of leaving the state of California all together in the event that the Rams and Chargers secure the Los Angeles market, but this the first we’ve come across regarding a move involving the Jaguars.

Cole reports that a project involving the Rams and Chargers moving to Los Angeles is “gaining momentum” among NFL owners.

The reason being that some owners have concerns about whether or not the Raiders have the money to make all of this work.

According to Cole, the other issue that is that there is some question as to how long Mark Davis will own the team before selling it to a deep-pocket owner.

San Antonio is also in the mix for the Raiders, but you would have to think St. Louis would contact Davis if Stan Kroenke does, in fact, take off of the Inglewood project.

Getting back to the Jaguars. Owner Shad Khan told reporters on Tuesday that he could see them extending their agreement to play a home game in London through the 2030 season because this has stabilized the franchise.

However, Khan has shot down the idea that the Jaguars would ever be relocated out of Jacksonville in the past.

As of now, these are just ideas floating around in league circles, and until we know more about who’s really going to L.A., I wouldn’t put too much stock in this actually coming to fruition.

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Jonathan Russell
Jonathan Russell

It seems like it’s time for expansion teams. If new markets make a good case for a team give them their own. Why would Shad Khan make our stadium the best in the NFL, Pull permits to build a new indoor training facility by nest training camp, Win the bid to turn the Jacksonville ship yards into a tourist destination revolving around the Jaguars, and say that he would like to extend the Jacksonville London deal our past 2030 if he would even consider leaving. Hey Cole if these are the rumors you are listening to I have this bridge… Read more »

Michael Thompson
Michael Thompson

If the rams leave stl which I doubt I would hate for Jacksonville to lose the jags. I don’t want another city losing their team. Hopefully they stay and we keep our rams

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