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Jaguars Expected To Focus On 2014 QB Prospects This Season

Jason Cole of Yahoo Sports writes that Jaguars GM David Caldwell is likely to spend a good portion of the season studying quarterback prospects like Teddy Bridgewater and Tajh Boyd.

According to Cole, Jacksonville was “only too happy” to see teams like the Bills and Jets draft quarterbacks in the early rounds of the most recent NFL draft, which means there should be less competition in next year’s top quarterbacks.

Cole mentions the Jaguars and Browns as the two teams likely to target quarterbacks with the early portion of next year’s draft.

Blaine Gabbert is expected to compete with Chad Henne for the team’s starting job this year, but Cole adds that there’s a chance that might neither player will be on the team’s roster next season.

While the idea that the team is focused on the 2014 may not be the most encouraging thing to hear when it comes to the 2013 season, Jacksonville is at least focused on building a solid foundation that will allow them to compete for divisions titles in the coming years and that’s really what matter most.


pixy Jaguars Expected To Focus On 2014 QB Prospects This Season

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Jonathan Capone

Here is the tricky part for Jacksonville this year, its either we draft a QB who can lead us into a successful season and most likely playoffs in the near future, and miss out on JaDaveon, a once and a life time athlete. Or we draft him in the first round and hope for a descent QB will be left for our second round pick. Either way Jags should purposely bomb their whole season to get better picks.

David L. Mosher

there are no franchise qb’s in next years draft, don’t you dare blow that pick on anyone other than JaDaveon Clowney


Wow. No franchise QBs in next years draft? Bridgewater? Fales? Boyd? Murray?

Stop talking, because you’re a moron.


Funny because even @16 Buffalo didnt take a risk.. and with the rest of how their class went, i think they wouldnt hesitate to take another QB in ’14 if Manuel flops qith the quickness. and who the hell cares what any of the Jaguars staff or f-office thinks?? lol

Chris Section 138

Ummmm….first off taking someone @ #16 (especially a QB) and having him not work out is always a risk. You kind of only get a limited amount of 1 round picks. That’s how teams become bad quickly. Secondly, based on the article title I guess you care what the Jags staff/front office thinks because after reading the article title you still took the time to read it the article then took more time to comment.

Kittle…. meet pot

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