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Still No Progress Between The Jaguars And WR Justin Blackmon

Michael David Smith of Pro Football Talk reports that “no real progress” has been made on a contract for WR Justin Blackmon.

The Jaguars are sticking by their inclusion of protections in Blackmon’s contract, mainly because of his drunk driving arrest a few months ago.

Blackmon is the only first-round pick who has yet to sign and with RB Maurice Jones-Drew sitting out of camp right now, the Jaguars are practicing without their two biggest offensive threats.  Blackmon needs to get into camp soon if the Jaguars want to get the type of impact they were hoping to get when they drafted him.


Pro Football Talk reports that a source with knowledge of the situation has informed them that the Jacksonville Jaguars are in “daily” negotiations with first-round pick Justin Blackmon.

The two sides have been trying to come to an agreement on his rookie contract, which is normally not a hard thing to accomplish now that the new CBA has capped draft picks, but Blackmon’s arrest has complicated issues further. Jacksonville is looking to add protective language  to any agreement.

Jaguars head coach Mike Mularkey expects Justin Blackmon to be well behind upon joining his teammates at training camp, which seems reasonable when you consider that he”ll have already missed five practices as of Monday.

“He’s got to catch up on what is being installed now and everything else he has missed,” said Mularkey, via the Florida Times Union. “I believe this: if you unsure on what you’re doing, you can’t play to the speed you want to play at because you’re thinking too much.”

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