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Jay Cutler Expects To Start Against Green Bay

Jay Cutler reiterated on Wednesday that he expects to play against the Packers this weekend.

“I feel good,” Cutler said, via Brad Biggs. “I’ll be ready to go on Sunday.

Chicago didn’t hold a practice Wednesday, but Cutler figures to be back in the coming days.


Bears QB Jay Cutler mentioned that he will “absolutely” against the Packers on Sunday “unless something drastic happens,” via ESPN Chicago.

Just tight,” said Cutler of the whiplash injury that he suffered on Sunday. “Got some treatment this morning, so should be ready to go later in the week.”

There’s no question that Cutler gives them the best shot at gaining some much needed ground on the division-leading Packers, but they’ll have to do more as an offense to beat Green Bay. In recent weeks, Cutler seems to have locked on to Brandon Marshall, and for good reason given that he’s the only reliable receiver that he has, but they’ll need someone else to step up and produce against a defense that hasn’t been all that great this season.


Bears QB Jay Cutler reportedly suffered a whiplash injury during Sunday’s loss to the Minnesota Vikings. Cutler mentioned that despite the injury, he expects to be “ready to go later in the week,” during an radio interview on Monday, per Mike C. Wright.

Cutler is obviously a very player in general and there’s no way he’s going to miss next weekends game against the Green Bay Packers, especially given that so much is on the line in this game. If Green Bay is able to win this game, they would claim the NFC North title and force Chicago to fight for one of the remaining wildcard spots. Another loss would open the door for teams like the Redskins and Rams to possibly claim 6th seed.

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