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Jermichael Finley Reportedly Failed His Physical With The Seahawks


Pete Dougherty of the Green Bay Press-Gazette, citing an NFL source, reports that free agent TE Jermichael Finley failed his physical during his visit with the Seattle Seahawks.

  • Dougherty source didn’t know if the Seahawks intend to bring Finley back for a re-check at a later point.

In the weeks leading up to free agency, Finley’s agent, Blake Baratz, mentioned that the doctor who performed Finley’s fusion surgery believes he will have a “99.9%” chance of a full recovery.

Finley was, of course, hoping to be cleared before the start of free agency, but it now appears as though it could be a while until he receives clearance following spinal fusion surgery.

Dougherty adds that Finley had his C-3/C-4 vertebrae fused and doctors have shown a reluctance to clear players who have suffered injuries so high up in the neck because there aren’t many discs above the C-3 to compensate for the fusion.

Finley, 26, represents the best available tight end once he’s cleared to play, but it’s tough to say when or if he’ll receive clearance. There appears to be mutual interest between him and the Seahawks, but Green Bay may also try to re-sign him at some point given that they have limited depth at the position.