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Jerry Jones: “Nothing Has Changed” Regarding Coordinator Positions

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones told reporters on Monday that “nothing has changed” with regards to the team’s offensive and defensive coordinator positions, per Calvin Watkins.

It appeared as though Dallas was likely to part ways with defensive coordinator Monte Kiffin given how much the team’s defense struggled last year, but apparently this idea was premature.

Kiffin, 73, previously told reporters that he has no intention of retiring and there were reports from earlier in the day he was attending the Senior Bowl practices in Mobile, Alabama representing the team.

The Dallas defense closed out the 2013 season ranked No. 30 against the pass and No. 27 run defense. Furthermore, they had the No. 31 overall ranked defense based on Pro Football Focus’ rating system.

While injuries took a toll this season, but it’s just hard to have a historically bad defensive unit and survive to see another season in the NFL. Jones clearly has faith that Kiffin will be able to show a good deal of improvement next season.


  • Sam77

    One of the few decisions I like. Kiffins scheme can’t succeed without pressure on the QB. ANY secondary would get torn apart with as little pressure we got on the QB this year. The Defensive line needs to be rebuilt completely. Heath needs to go, but those bashing Kiffin are going the wrong way. Jerry is the one who didn’t draft defensive players WHEN THEY WERE SHIFTING SCHEMES. He wastes a pick on a TE, and RB, instead of getting some depth defensively. Jerry is to blame for the crap scheme. Not Kiffin. The defense line is old and just bad. At the start of the year it was expected to be great, Ware was thought to be an elite player still (he isn’t), Ratliff was suppose to come back, Hatcher was suppose to be good, and Spencer was suppose to be healthy. None of that happened.

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