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Jets are expected to use Tim Tebow as a runner in the red zone

July 19, 2012 Jets

ESPN New York reports that Quarterback Tim Tebow is expected to be the Number 2 quarterback on the New York Jets, behind Mark Sanchez. Tebow is expected to be used in the red zone, in the Wildcat formation.

Rather than a pure Wildcat, where the ball is snapped to a running back, Tebow is expected to run something close to the read-option, which is what he ran in Denver. The team is expected to replace Sanchez with another blocker in the Red Zone, in order to bolster the run.

A perspective issue with this system is if the 2 quarterbacks can coexist. If they can, then this system could really work out for the Jets.

  • Jac Stiner

    thats fine and all but the other teams will cacth on real quick and stop there trick plays