Update: Jets CB Darrelle Revis Considering Another Holdout?

Bart Hubbuch caught up with Jets CB Darrelle Revis and asked him whether or not he’s satisfied with his contract.

I am. I’m cool. I signed it two years ago,” said Revis, per Bart Hubbuch. He also added that the contract was a good deal “at the time.

The good news for the Jets is that Revis is already attending their workouts, but there’s still a chance that he could skip training camp.

This is obviously a serious situation if Revis chooses to go that route, simply because the Jets need him as much as ever. It’s surprising to see him with just as much leverage as he had a few years ago when he first held out of training camp, but the fact that his deal has been surpassed in terms of total dollars by a group of player that are not on the same level with him, is an obvious consideration from his standpoint. Still, Revis signed a fair contract at that time, so he should be willing to honor the agreement, especially considering that he’s not vastly underpaid.


New York Jets CB Darrelle Revis apparently isn’t happy with the contract he signed just two years ago. The Jets have him a four-year deal worth $46 million after he held out for over a month of the teams’ 2010 training camp.

“I just don’t know,” said Revis, per Kevin Armstrong . “I’m not saying I am going to holdout. I’m not saying I’m not.”

Since then, players like Brandon Carr (five-years, $50.1 million ), Cortland Finnegan (five-years, $50 million) and Nnamdi Asomugha (five-years, $60 million) have signed similar deals despite the fact that Revis is still only 26 and is clearly heads above them in terms of talent. With all things considered, Revis does find himself in a pretty favorable position considering the amount of leverage that he currently has. Should he choose to sit out, the Jets would have to scramble to find even an adequate replacement, assuming that they don’t draft someone.

There’s no guarantee that Revis will request that the Jets revisit his contract, but it’s certainly a possibility.

pixy Update: Jets CB Darrelle Revis Considering Another Holdout?

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Enough with this BS “entitled” mentality from players. You signed a contract. Play it out on the word you’ve given. I’m so sick of these players acting like they are better than the team. Whatever happened to the old motto “Play for the name on the front of the jersey, not the one on the back.”? You signed a good deal for a lot of money. If you thought you’d be worth more in two years, why did you sign a 4 year deal? I bet if he was hurt and still drawing a paycheck this would be a non… Read more »

NFL Trade Rumors
NFL Trade Rumors

Fair points all around.

It’s not as though he’s vastly underpaid at his position. His agent could have taken a page out of the playbook from the Baseball agents and included a player option after two years that would allow him to sign a new contract before he’s 29 year’s old.


Exactly. It’s not the teams fault that you think your agent bargained poorly. There should be penalties and fines for holdouts. Pro sports is the only job in the world where one guy can quit showing up to work and get a raise. Absolutely ridiculous.

NFL Trade Rumors
NFL Trade Rumors

Pro sports is one of the only jobs were employees, in this case athletes, actually have leverage over their employers and I’m by no means against that.

In regards to Revis, he just signed the contract not too long ago, and he’s being paid a top-5 salary. If he wanted to be the highest paid player at his position, then he should have thought about that before inking his recent contract.