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Report: Jets Expect To Have Tim Tebow Gone By March

Brian Costello of the New York Post reports that the Jets intend to trade or release QB Tim Tebow before the start of free agency which opens in March.

Costello sources offer some very interesting details regarding the overall situation for the Jets.

Rex [Ryan] and Tony [Sparano] had no idea how to use [Tebow],” said Costello’s source.

The source also mentioned that the Jets organization was “shocked at how poor Tebow played in practice.” Greg McElroy was actually showing improvement at this time, which would later help him to get the nod over Tebow when Mark Sanchez was benched.

The Jets were reportedly “frozen with fear” that Tebow would succeed and in turn create quarterback controversy, but Sanchez’s play ultimately forced him to the bench anyways.

Given that this situation was a colossal failure on the part of GM Mike Tannenbaum, his job seems to be in jeopardy as they end into the offseason. The report mentions that Tannenbaum and Ryan came up with the idea of trading for Tebow while having ice cream at the Newark Airport.

The Jets will look to trade Tebow before they consider cutting him outright. If they were to release him, it would save them $1 million in cap space next season.

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Sean Murphy

Tebow needs to go to minisota and teach Ponder how to get better, I have been a Vikings fan for over 30 years and they have yet to make a good solid quarterback move that lasted them any long length of time. Tebow would be a smart move if they didn’t treat him like trash as the Jets have. I can see Tebow as a play maker, along with the greatest running back Adrian Peterson, I can see the Vikes doing some real damage on the score board. And of coarse that is just my opinion.

Jared Wood

Faith in Tim all the way, Jets are and will remain nobodies to me

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