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Jets’ Plan For Mark Sanchez & Tim Tebow Tonight

Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News reports that the Jets plan to give Mark Sanchez between 12 – 15 snaps tonight with the first-team offense. From there, Tim Tebow will most likely takeover for the next two quarters or so, while Greg McElroy finishing things off.

“I’m just curious to watch the whole interaction,” said offensive coordinator Tony Sparano. “See if all of a sudden the players that I’ve seen in practice show up in the game or they turn into something different. Sometimes that happens and I want to know that. I need to know that right away, so we’ll pay close attention to that in the game and our players know that.”

Tebow’s in a great position to apply some serious pressure to Sanchez for the starting job just by handling his business. The Jets have done everything to dismiss the idea of a quarterback competition, but the media has given Tebow such a phenomenal amount of coverage that it almost seems as if this situation will be impacted by more than just the coaches opinion. It’s worth noting that Tebow could very easily put together a terrible performance that would conversely alleviate some of the pressure on Sanchez.

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