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Joe Person of the Charlotte Observer reports that the Jets have canceled their interview with Panthers DC Sean McDermott, which was scheduled for Wednesday.

According to Person, it “sounds like they have their guy.

This is just the latest indication that Cardinals DC Todd Bowles could be hired as the next head coach of the Jets.

Bowles was originally scheduled to meet with the Falcons for a follow up interview, but plans have changed and met with the Jets first. He’s expected to meet with the team tomorrow morning before flying to Atlanta, but there’s a chance an agreement could be in place before then.


Ian Rapoport of NFL Media reports that there has been a change in plans for Cardinals DC Todd Bowles.

Rapoport mentions that the question here is whether the Jets will allow Bowles to leave and eventually meet with Atlanta.

During his second interview, Bowles is expected to interview with Mike Maccagnan, who is expected to be named the team’s GM at some point in the near future, according to Rich Cimini.

Jason La Canfora expects the Jets to try to bring in Kyle Shanahan as their offensive coordinator. However, La Canfora admits that there is a good deal of competition for his services right now.


Adam Schefter is now reporting that the Jets did not request an interview with former Broncos HC John Fox.

Schefter previously reported that Fox had turned down an opportunity to interview with the Jets regarding their head-coaching vacancy.

As of now, the Bears sound like they are the favorites to hire Fox as their next head coach, but there is still a long ways to go before that’s a lock.

Cardinals DC Todd Bowles is flying to New York for a second interview with the Jets that’s scheduled for Wednesday night, according to Ian Rapoport.

The full list of candidates for the Jets’ job includes:

  • Seahawks DC Dan Quinn (interviewed)
  • Former Bills HC Doug Marrone (interviewed)
  • Seahawks assistant HC/OL Tom Cable (interviewed)
  • Chargers OC Frank Reich (interviewed)
  • Cardinals DC Todd Bowles (interviewed)
  • Panthers DC Sean McDermott 
  • UCLA HC Jim Mora
  • Ravens OC Gary Kubiak
  • Jets RBs coach Anthony Lynn (interviewed)


ESPN’s Adam Schefter reports that the Jets are planning to bring in Cardinals DC Todd Bowles for a second interview at some point this week.

Bowles is reportedly working to finalize his schedule, seeing as the Falcons have also requested a follow up interview with the defensive coordinator.


Dan Graziano of ESPN is reporting that the Jets will interview Panthers DC Sean McDermott for their head-coaching vacancy on Wednesday.

Mike Garafolo of FOX Sports adds that Texans scouting director Mike Maccagnan, who is expected to be the Jets new GM, will likely conduct at least a portion of the meeting.


Jason La Canfora reports that the Jets head coach job will come down to whether owner Woody Johnson wants to wait for Seahawks DC Dan Quinn to be available.

If the Jets are ready to make move sooner than later, La Canfora mentions that Cardinals DC Todd Bowles could be their guy.


ESPN’s Adam Schefter (via Rich Cimini) reports that the Seahawks were prepared to fly to Seattle following Saturday night’s game to hire DC Dan Quinn as their next head coach.

  • Schefter adds that this is why they kept Mike Maccagnan in New Jersey the past few days.

Ian Rapoport of NFL Media reported earlier this morning that Quinn and Cardinals DC Todd Bowles have emerged as the top-two candidates for the Jets head-coaching position.

  • Rapoport adds that the Jets could have interest in Ravens OC Gary Kubiak.

This news fits with recent reports, so it appears as though they could be moving towards a decision at some point next week.


Brian Costello of the New York Post, citing league sources, reports that Seahawks DC Dan Quinn has emerged as the favorite for the Jets head-coaching position.

Costello mentions that wile New York could be set on hiring Quinn as their next head coach, they will have to wait until after the Seahawks season has ended before they can offer him the job.

Sources tell Costello that former Bills HC Doug Marrone is not one of the top candidates for the Jets’ job, despite a lot of early speculation that it was his job to lose.

Marrone has ties to Texans scouting director Mike Maccagnan, who has been brought back for another interview, but Costello writes that Marrone is still unlikely option for New York, even in the event Maccagnan is hired as GM.

According to Costello, the other top candidates for the Jets head-coaching job are Cardinals DC Todd Bowles and Seahawks assistant HC/OL Tom Cable are the top candidates.


The New York Jets finished up their interviews with Cardinals DC Todd Bowles and Chargers OC Frank Reich on Wednesday, according to Rich Cimini.

  • Cimini adds that Bowles is headed to Chicago to meet with the Bears regarding their head-coaching vacancy.
  • Cimini wouldn’t be a surprise if the Jets changed up their chain of command, so that their next GM and head coach both report to owner Woody Johnson.
  • As of now, a coaching hire is not imminent, according to Cimini.
  • The Jets are still waiting to speak to Ravens OC Gary Kubiak, who said he plans to wait until after Baltimore’s season has come to an end to meet with NFL teams.

Jets consultant Charlie Casserly told a Tampa radio station on Wednesday that there is a chance they could hire a head coach before they find a new general manager, but admitted that this wouldn’t be the ideal situation.

“In a perfect world, you hire the GM first and then hire the head coach, because it’s critical that you have a good working relationship between the two of them,” Casserly told WDAE. “And that’s the best way to get it. However, sometimes opportunities present themselves on a coach that you can get in competition with and you feel like you need to pull the trigger on the coach first — and then come back and hire a general manager, where the head coach has input into it.


Jason La Canfora of CBS Sports reports that the Jets recent interview with former Bills HC Doug Marrone reportedly “did not go well.”

This is somewhat surprising news given that many had said Marrone was likely the favorite to land the Jets’ head-coaching position.

Previous reports mentioned that consultants Ron Wolf and Charley Casserly are big supporters of Marrone and were even pushing owner Woody Johnson to hire him.

According to La Canfora, Seahawks DC Dan Quinn is now “well positioned” for the Jets’ position, but they still have more candidates to speak to.

For what it’s worth, Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News recently published an article that includes a great deal of criticism from executives and players who worked with Marrone during his time with the Bills.


Jason La Canfora refutes the previous report that UCLA HC Jim Mora has agreed to meet with the Jets this week.

Even so, a source with knowledge of situation tells La Canfora that the Jets do have interest in Mora.

We’ll have to see if anything changes in the coming days.


According to Tracy Pierson of Bruin Report Online, UCLA HC Jim Mora will be in New York either Monday or Tuesday to interview for the Jets’ head-coaching job.

Pierson has spoken to sources who believe Mora is “going through the paces” and wouldn’t mind using the interest from NFL teams to gain some leverage with UCLA.

The Jets reached out to Mora a few days ago, and requested the details of his buyout with UCLA.

  • Jason La Canfora mentions that Mora has found serious interest from the Jets and 49ers.
  • Pierson sources said that Mora is down the list of preferred candidates for the 49ers job.


ESPN’s Adam Schefter reports Cardinals DC Todd Bowles will have his first interview with the Jets on Wednesday this week.

  • Albert Breer confirms Schefter’s report and adds that Chargers OC Frank Reich will also be interviewing with New York on Wednesday.
  • According to Breer, the Jets are interviewing Dolphins executive Chris Grier on Tuesday for their GM position.


Brian Costello reports that Chargers OC Frank Reich will interview for the Jets’ head-coaching vacancy on Wednesday.

  • ESPN’s Adam Schefter reports that Ravens OC Gary Kubiak is unwilling to interview for head-coaching positions until Baltimore’s season has come to an end.
  • Kubiak has reportedly found interest from the Bears and Jets, but it sounds like the earliest he could meet with them is a week from tomorrow.
  • Ian Rapoport reports that Cardinals DC Todd Bowles will begin interviewing for head-coaching positions on Wednesday with the Jets and Falcons.


Jason La Canfora of CBS Sports has spoke to “several league sources” who expect the Jets to be the first team to hire a head coach next week.

According to La Canfora, “all signs point to” former Bills HC Doug Marrone being the next head coach of the Jets.

La Canfora has been saying that the Jets’ top GM candidate is Texans’ executive Mike Maccagnan for a while, and that doesn’t appear to have changed. Maccagnan is interviewing for the job on Monday and it’s worth mentioning that he could have the “closest ties” Marrone of any GM candidate.

However, Eagles personnel executive Rick Mueller, Browns personnel man Billy Kuharich, and Saints personnel executive Ryan Pace have also worked with Marrone in prior stops.

Yesterday, Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News published an article that includes a great deal of criticism from people and players who worked with Marrone during his time with the Bills.


Ian Rapoport reports that the Jets are expected to show interest in Ravens OC Gary Kubiak once the Ravens are out of the playoffs.


The New York Jets are interviewing former Bills HC Doug Marrone for their head-coaching vacancy Saturday, according to Ian Rapoport.

  • Rapoport adds that there is a “lot of interest” between both parties.


Ian Rapoport of NFL Media reports that Jets owner Woody Johnson and consultants Ron Wolf and Charley Casserly will be interviewing Seahawks DC Dan Quinn and assistant HC Tom Cable on Friday.


Brian Costello of the New York Post reports that former Bills HC Doug Marrone will interview with the Jets either Sunday or Monday.

  • Peter King is hearing that Doug Marrone spoke to Jets owner Woody Johnson on Thursday by phone.
  • King mentions that it “went well,” but they will have a more formal interview in the coming days.
  • King believes the Jets will have to sell the hiring of Johnson if he indeed ends up taking the job.


Manish Mehta writes that the Jets’ head-coaching search has taken a “sleazy turn,” as consultants Charley Casserly and Ron Wolf are reportedly pushing owner Woody Johnson to hire former Bills HC Doug Marrone.

According to Mehta, it’s difficult to believe the  Jets didn’t have prior discussions with the Marrone representatives before he elected to opt out of his agreement with the Bills.

Sources tell Mehta that “the feeling in league circles is that Casserly has been infatuated with Marrone for years.”

Casserly is expected to push for Marrone to get the job, but the decision will ultimately be made by Johnson.

While many have sold Marrone as a top coaching candidate, it’s by no means the consensus view around the league.

“They’ll be doing a search again in two years,” one front office executive told Mehta. “I don’t think Marrone’s going to win there. He’s never won anywhere he’s been a head coach.”

  • Mark Maske of the Washington Post reports that the Jets are interviewing Chargers OC Frank Reich for their head-coaching vacancy.
  • Maske adds that Reich also a top candidate for the Buffalo Bills.


The Jets could be a team to watch in regards to former Bills HC Doug Marrone, who has just opted out of his contract, as they are believed to have“strong interest” in him, according to Adam Schefter and Adam Caplan (via Rich Cimini).

  • Schefter adds that the Jets become the favorites to sign Marrone, who is from the Bronx.
  • Ian Rapoport points out that the Jets saw this move coming as they have already interviewed  assistant Anthony Lynn for their head coaching job, which fulfills the Rooney Rule.


Manish Mehta reports that Jets consultant Charlie Casserly has reached out UCLA regarding the details of HC Jim Mora Jr’s buyout.


Albert Breer reports that Seahawks DC Dan Quinn will interview with the New York Jets on Friday.


Manish Mehta reports that the Jets will interview assistant head coach/RBs coach Anthony Lynn for their head-coaching vacancy.


Ben Volin of the Boston Globe hears that Chargers OC Frank Reich is the “most serious candidate” for the Jets head coaching position at this point in time.

According to Volin, the Jets are expected to be “highly interested” in Chiefs’ director of player personnel Chris Ballard and the possibility exists that they could try to pair Ballard and Reich together as their head coach and GM tandem next year.


ESPN’s Adam Schefter reports that the Jets have requested permission to speak with  Cardinals DC Todd Bowles, Seahawks assistant HC Tom Cable, Ravens OC Gary Kubiak, Chargers OC Frank Reich, and Seahawks DC Dan Quinn.

  • Ian Rapoport reports that the Jets will be in Seattle this weekend to interview Dan Quinn and Tom Cable for their head coaching vacancy, as well as executive Trent Kirchner for their GM position.

That’s a sizable list of candidates, especially considering that it’s been less than 24 hours since they fired Rex Ryan.

Charlie Casserly and Ron Wolf aren’t wasting any time getting their interviews lined up for New York.


Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News reports that Jets’ consultants Charlie Casserly and Ron Wolf are flying to Seattle Saturday to interview Seahawks DC Dan Quinn for their head coaching vacancy.

  • Mehta adds that the Jet’ preference is to still find a new general manager first.


Jason La Canfora confirms that the Falcons have requested permission to speak with Seahawks defensive coordinator Dan Quinn.

  • ESPN’s Adam Schefter reported earlier in the day that the Jets are among a few NFL teams that continue to make overtures to Jim Harbaugh, despite numerous reports that have said he will take the University of Michigan job.

Former NFL general managers Charlie Casserly and Ron Wolf are conducting the search for a new Jets GM and head coach, so there should be more names connected to the open positions in the coming days.

Quinn appears to be one of the most popular head coaching candidates as reports have said that he was received interest from the Cardinals and Falcons. It would not be surprising to see the Bears and Raiders request permission to speak with him.

It’s worth mentioning that Quinn can interview with teams this week seeing as the Seahawks have secured a bye.

We’ll have more updates regarding the Jets’ head coaching vacancy as the news is available.


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