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Jets Still Hoping To Trade Tim Tebow This Offseason

ESPN’s Adam Schefter reports that league sources have mentioned that the New York Jets intend to hold on to QB Tim Tebow with hopes of trading him in the next few weeks before they consider releasing him outright.

Schefter adds that there’s not expected to be much of a trade market for Tebow.

On NFL GM mentioned that; “I think his career is over without playing another position.”

The Jacksonville Jaguars were believed to have interest in Tebow a few months back, but that was before they brought in new GM David Caldwell who has already refuted the idea of adding Tebow at any point.

The Jets will have until March 12th to shop Tebow around the league. They are reportedly looking for a “mid- to late-round pick” in return for Tebow, but it’s pretty hard to imagine someone sending draft compensation to the Jets in return for a player who many do not believe can play quarterback in the NFL.

There stands at least a reasonable chance that he may have to move to another position if he wants to continue playing in the league. Getting traded to Jets was probably the worst thing that could have happened to him.


pixy Jets Still Hoping To Trade Tim Tebow This Offseason

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I don’t understand why they are getting rid of the only player on that team that can play QB. They should make him a starter (6’3″ 240lbs), sign B.Jacobs (6’4″ 265lbs) & run the same offense that punished def’s in Denver. A great running team & a great def is what Rex is all about. Not sure what they are doing in Jets world, but they are not really a smart organization.

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Thanks for pointing out the mistake. I really appreciate you bringing it to our attention.


Tebow really should have been able to stay in Denver and really learn how to throw under the great Peyton Manning. Vick came back from practicing his throws in prison to be Comeback Player of the Year; Tebow’s still young and could’ve only gotten better. I still think he’s a Wildcat QB all the way, but he needs a John Fox, not a Rex Ryan, to use him correctly.


Elway screwed him royally and it made my day that karma paid him a visit when Manning couldnt even take them further than Tebow did.

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