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Jets Still Trying To Trade LB Bart Scott

Rich Cimini of ESPN New York reports that the Jets are still looking to trade ILB Bart Scott despite finding very little interest in the veteran.

Scott has a $4.2 million guaranteed salary to deal which is seen as a “deal breaker” by potential teams. The more likely scenario is that Scott will be released at some point in the near future. There was some speculation that the Giants and Ravens could end up being options for him if he becomes available.


pixy Jets Still Trying To Trade LB Bart Scott

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Joe Jr Holland
See if you can workout something with the colts for Dwight Freeney. Offer something like this Bart Scott and Wayne Hunter and some draft picks or one pick. Its worth a try or go after him for some draft picks from this year and next year. Or go after OSI from the Giants in a trade for Bart Scott and a draft pick. Find someone to trade BS and Wayne Hunter to dont just let them walk without getting something in return it counts against the cap with nothing to show for it. You should have taking care of Wayne Hunters contract… Read more »
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