Jets Will Keep An Eye On Manning, Despite Faith In Sanchez

Mike Battaglino of the New York Post quotes Jets GM Mike Tannenbaum on his thoughts regarding the situation at QB.

I expect Mark Sanchez to be our quarterback next year, but when we have opportunities to improve our team that’s what we’re going to do,” stated Tannenbaum, when asked specifically about potential interest in QB Peyton Manning.

The Jets consider themselves a top team, and expect to be making consistent playoff runs, but QB Sanchez’ play has hardly been in line with such aspirations.  This stated line from player personnel parallels that of the Broncos, in that both teams seem desperate to land a true franchise quarterback, while hedging against the possibility that their incumbent turns the corner.  Sanchez, like Tebow, garners serious press despite questionable stats.

As with most Peyton stories, this is going to play out only as more information is available on his health.  If serious question-marks remain, there will be limited interest, but if it seems that the future Hall of Famer has a chance to play a year or three, there will be plenty of teams ready to woo him.

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