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Kevin Kolb Could Miss Sunday’s Game Due To The Birth Of His Child

Darren Urban of ArizonaCardinals.com reports that there is a possibility that Cardinals QB Kevin Kolb could miss Sunday’s game against the Eagles due to the fact that his wife is close to giving birth (October 4th).

Kolb, who is currently the Cardinals starting QB, has declared that he would miss the game if the situation arrived in which he had to pick between playing on Sunday or being with his wife for the birth of their third child.

This would put the Cardinals in a difficult situation as QB John Skelton is deemed questionable on Friday due to a sore ankle which would leave them with rookie Ryan Lindley as their starter.

  • Crash

    What is this kid taking after his dad and leaving the pocket early?

    • ZimGirDib

      Bloody brilliant, lol.

    • Crash

      I will give Kudos to Kevin for that Miami game he finally kept his head about him even after the bonehead plays and the sacks. He has the defense now that he can get away with some mistakes, he just needs to shake it off faster and keep throwing that ball!

      • NFL Trade Rumors

        Great points Crash. If they could start their games strong, just imagine how tough that defense would be to beat coming from behind early on.

    • Krusty the Clown

      Hey hey!

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