Kevin Kolb Out For Week 11?

Kent Somers of the Arizona Republic reports that QB Kevin Kolb did return to the practice field yesterday but on a very limited basis.

Kolb moved ‘gingerly’ on his injured right foot, and judging from the portion of practice that’s on the record for reporters, he didn’t look close to being ready to play on Sunday against the 49ers,” writes Somers.

John Skelton has stepped in and led the team to two straight wins so he will most likely get another start while Kolb continues to recover from his multiple injuries. Cardinals head coach Ken Whisenhunt seems to feel the same way.

You saw that [Kolb] still has a little pain, he can move, do some things, other things bother him,” said Whisenhunt. “We’ve got to make sure he can get through all the movements, plant and throw as well as move out of the pocket if he needs to.”



pixy Kevin Kolb Out For Week 11?

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