Bills Only Give Kevin Kolb $1M Guaranteed

The initial contract figures regarding Kevin Kolb‘s deal with the Bills suggested that he received a two-year deal worth a “maximum” of $13 million.

While there’s still a chance that Kolb could earn this money, Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk reports that Kolb’s deal only includes $1 million guarantees.

Florio adds that $6.9 million is related to escalators and incentives based on Kolb’s overall performance and playing time.

More details regarding Kolb’s contract:

  • Base salaries – $1.65 million (2013) and $2 million (2014)
  • Roster bonuses – $250,000 (2013) and $1 million (2014)
  • Signing bonus – $1 million
  • Workout bonuses – $100,000 per year

A league source mentioned that this deal “screams backup.”

The Bills were already expected to target a quarterback in the upcoming draft and this further suggests that another quarterback will most likely be added to their roster. It will be interesting to see if the Bills allow a rookie to compete for the starting job during training camp.


pixy Bills Only Give Kevin Kolb $1M Guaranteed

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