Kevin Stefanski Unlikely To Return As Vikings’ OC, Dirk Koetter & Mike Mularkey Potential Options


According to Charles Robinson of Yahoo Sports, Kevin Stefanski is unlikely to return as the Vikings’ offensive coordinator for the 2019 season.

Stefanski has interviewed for the Browns’ head-coaching job and nearly joined the Giants as their offensive coordinator last year. His contract is set to expire on Tuesday, which will allow him to depart for the best opportunity.

Robinson mentions that the Vikings are looking for depth of experience at coordinator and Mike Mularkey and Dirk Koetter could both be options for Minnesota.

Both Mularkey and Koetter have drawn interest from the Falcons for their offensive coordinator vacancy.

Hue Jackson has also come up as a potential option for the Vikings, but a recent report downplayed the Vikings’ reported interest.

Stefanski, 36, began his NFL coaching career as an operations intern with the Eagles back in 2005. He was later hired by the Vikings as an assistant to head coach a year later.

Since then, Stafanksi has held a number of positions including TEs coach, RBs coach and QBs coach before being promoted to the team’s interim offensive coordinator after they fired John DeFilippo midseason.

Koetter, 59, began his NFL coaching career as the Jaguars’ offensive coordinator back in 2007. After five years in Jacksonville, he was hired as the Falcons’ offensive coordinator and later joined Lovie Smith’s staff in the same role for the 2015 season.

The Buccaneers elected to move on from Smith after one season and made the decision to elevate Koetter to head coach.

During his three years as the Buccaneers’ head coach, Koetter led the team to a record of 19-29 (38.77 percent) and no playoff appearances.

Mularkey, 57, began his NFL coaching career with the Buccaneers in 1994 as their tight ends coach. Since then, Mularkey has worked for a number of NFL teams including the Steelers, Bills, Dolphins, Falcons and Jaguars before he joined Ken Whisenhunt’s staff back in 2014.

After Whisenhunt was fired in 2015, Mularkey was elevated to interim head coach and managed to hold on to the job. The Titans fired him last year and hired Mike Vrabel as head coach.

In January of last year, it was reported that Mularkey was a potential candidate for the Browns’ offensive coordinator role, but he was not hired for the job.

During his tenure as the Titans’ head coach, Mularkey has led them to a record of 20-21 (48.8 percent) and one playoff appearance.


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