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Kyle Orton On The Chopping Block?

Now that the Denver Broncos have made their decision to go with Tim Tebow as their starting quarterback, the attentions can be turned to Kyle Orton‘s immediate future.

ESPN’s Bill Williamson writes that it’s time for the Broncos to part ways with Kyle Orton.

Orton is a free agent at the end of the season and it is highly doubtful he will play again as a Denver Bronco,” writes Williamson. “Even if Tim Tebow fails miserably or gets hurt, what’s the point of playing Orton again? If Tebow doesn’t work out, Denver will likely give Brady Quinn a chance to play before Orton.”

Still, if the Broncos can get a conditional pick for Orton from any team, they should do it,” adds Williamson. “He has no future in Denver and his presence could create an awkward situation in the locker room.”

Denver nearly had a deal done with the Dolphins but that ultimately fell through at the last minute which kept Orton in Denver. The trade deadline is next Tuesday but it’s hard to image a losing team parting with draft picks in return for a quarterback that is 6-22 in his last 28 starts.

Williamson makes a strong case for the Broncos to release Orton and focus on showing the fans what they currently have at the quarterback position which will ultimately make things much easier if they have to move on without him.

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