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Latest On NFL Teams Possibly Relocating To Los Angeles


Sam Farmer of the Los Angeles Times reports that the Chargers and Raiders have hired former president of the 49ers and Browns, Carmen Policy, to spearhead their push to build the proposed $1.7-billion stadium.

“I understand the league,” said Policy. “Even though I’ve been gone for awhile, the dynamic within the room is basically the same, although many of the faces have changed.”

According to Farmer, Policy is expected to speak to NFL owners during the upcoming meetings.


Albert Breer of NFL.com reports that multiple involved parties have said that there continues to be building momentum for the NFL to return to Los Angeles in 2016.

An NFL source tells Breer that he’s “confident there’ll be multiple options” on the table for the league to consider.

According to Breer, the options for the league returning to L.A. include:

  • Rams owner Stan Kroenke’s Hollywood Park project in Inglewood.
  • The Carson project that would involve partnership between the Raiders and Chargers.

Of the two options, Breer mentions that the Hollywood Park project has maintained an “incremental lead” over the Carson option, due to Kroenke having “deep pockets.

This is not to say that the Carson project isn’t making progress. Breer reports that both the Raiders and Chargers have “begun moving transactions to put parcels of land in the area in the right hands.

NFL owners will meet on Tuesday in San Francisco and are expected to inform teams that there will likely be proposals and designs available for them to see at a later point in time.

It’s worth mentions that the NFL will continue to discuss each team’s respective options in their current markets.

Breer writes that there have been encouraging signs from St. Louis and San Diego in recent months. However, the same can’t be said for Oakland, as they have yet to make any progress towards a new stadium.

The Rams, Raiders and Chargers are all expected to offer their own reports on latest happening in regards to their respective markets at the owners meeting.

According to Breer, the NFL could adjust the date for teams to declare their intention to relocate, and instead allow for decisions to be made closer to the Super Bowl.

We’ll have more updates regarding teams relocating to Los Angeles as the news is available.


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