Eagles Lockup RB LeSean McCoy

Pro Football Talk reports on Twitter that the Eagles have re-signed RB LeSean McCoy to a five-year contract extension worth $45 million with $20.765 guaranteed.

This deal was reportedly close last week, so the time comes as little surprise. McCoy‘s deal is very close to the one signed by DeAngelo Williams last year with the Panthers, but you can expect running backs like Matt Forte, Ray Rice and Maurice Jones-Drew to use this deal as model for their next contracts.

The Eagles have been very successful in shoring up their talented young players including DeSean Jackson, who signed a contract extension not too long ago.  McCoy is getting paid feature back money, but Andy Reid has mentioned that he looks to limit McCoy‘s carries in order to prolong the longevity of his career.

pixy Eagles Lockup RB LeSean McCoy

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