List Of NFL Fines


Here’s a breakdown of the NFL fines handed out for first and second offenses.

Offense Against Game Official
Physical Contact With Official $30,387 $60,775
Verbal or Other Non-physical Offense Against Official $24,309 $48,620
Player Safety Rules and/or Flagrant Personal Foul (including, without limitation): Suspension or fine; severity to be determined by degree of violation (FINES LISTED ARE MINIMUMS).
Striking/Kicking/Kneeing $9,115 $18,231
Horse-Collar Tackle $18,231 $36,464
Face Mask $9,115 $18,231
Leg Whip $18,231 $36,464
Late Hit $9,115 $18,231
Spearing $24,309 $48,620
Impermissible Use of the Helmet (including illegal launching) $24,309 $48,620
Hit on Defenseless Player $24,309 $48,620
Blindside Block $24,309 $48,620
Roughing the Passer $18,231 $36,464
Low Block $9,115 $18,231
Chop Block $9,115 $18,231
Fighting $30,387 $60,775
Unnecessarily Entering Fight Area (active involvement) $6,076 $12,154
Unnecessarily Entering Fight Area (no active involvement) $3,037 $9,115
Excessive Profanity; Other Unsportsmanlike Conduct (e.g., toward opponent[s], game personnel, fans, etc.) $12,154 $24,309
Taunting $9,115 $12,154
Football Into Stands $6,076 $12,154
Foreign Substances on Body/Uniform $9,115 $18,231
Chin Straps $9,115 $12,154
Personal Messages $6,076 $12,154
(Additional fines may be imposed on team management and coaching staffs for condoning, permitting, etc., violations in this area)
Other Uniform/Equipment Violations $6,076 $12,154
On-Field Commercial Logo Violation Considered violation of official league licensing agreements; suspension or fine; severity to be determined by degree of violation.
Gang Signing Considered conduct detrimental to the league; suspension or fine; severity to be determined in accordance with provisions of the Personal Conduct Policy.

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