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List of Traded 2016 NFL Draft Picks

Here’s a collection of 2016 NFL Draft pick that have been traded up to this point. We’ll update the list in months leading up to next year’s draft.

If you notice anything missing, please let us know in the comments below.

2nd Round Picks

  • Rams acquired the Eagles second-round pick in the Sam Bradford trade. (Conditional)

3rd Round Picks

  • Eagles acquired the Lions third-round pick in draft trade to select DT Gabe Wright.

4th Round Picks

  • Ravens acquired the Broncos fourth-round pick in trade for C Gino Gradkowski.
  • Eagles acquired a conditional pick from the Rams in the Sam Bradford trade.

5th Round Picks

  • Broncos acquired the Ravens fifth-round pick as part of the Gino Gradkowski trade.
  • Raiders acquired the Cowboys fifth-round pick in trade for WR Brice Butler. (Conditional)
  • Lions acquired the Broncos fifth-round pick in trade for C Manny Ramirez. (Note)
  • Texans acquired the Patriots fifth-round pick in trade for WR Keshawn Martin.
  • Eagles acquired the Steelers fifth-round pick in trade for CB Brandon Boykin.
  • 49ers acquired the Chargers fifth-round pick in draft trade to select RB Melvin Gordon.
  • Chiefs acquired the Seahawks fifth-round pick in trade for S Kelcie McCray.

6th Round Picks

  • Titans acquired the Falcons sixth-round pick in trade for G Andy Levitre.
  • Bears acquired the Panthers sixth-round pick in trade for DE Jared Allen. (Conditional)
  • 49ers acquired the Cowboys sixth-round pick in draft trade to select TE Geoff Swaim.
  • 49ers acquired the Broncos sixth-round pick in trade for TE Vernon Davis.
  • Patriots acquired the Texans sixth-round pick as part of the Keshawn Martin trade.
  • Redskins acquired the Saints sixth-round pick in draft trade to select CB Damian Swann.
  • Raiders acquired the Colts sixth-round pick in trade for LB Sio Moore.
  • Chargers acquired the Vikings sixth-round pick in trade for OL Jeremiah Sirles.
  • Bears acquired the Patriots sixth-round pick in trade for LB Jon Bostic. (Note)
  • Cowboys acquired the Raiders sixth-round pick as part of the Brice Butler trade. (Conditional)
  • Jaguars acquired the Steelers sixth-round pick in trade for K Josh Scobee.
  • Vikings acquired the 49ers sixth-round pick in trade for LB Gerald Hodges. (Note)
  • Lions acquired the Seahawks sixth-round pick in trade for CB Mohammed Seisay.
  • Buccaneers acquired the Redskins sixth-round pick in trade for S Dashon Goldson.

7th Round Picks

  • Eagles acquired the Cardinals seventh-round pick in trade for QB Matt Barkley. (Conditional)
  • Dolphins acquired the Ravens seventh-round pick in trade for CB Will Davis.
  • Vikings acquired the Bills seventh-round pick in trade for QB Matt Cassel.
  • Seahawks acquired the Cowboys seventh-round pick in trade for RB Christine Michael. (Conditional)
  • Broncos acquired the Texans seventh-round pick in trade for OT Chris Clark. (Note)
  • Patriots acquired the Texans seventh-round pick in trade for QB Ryan Mallett.
  • Steelers acquired the Giants seventh-round pick in trade for P Brad Wing. (Conditional)
  • Texans acquired the Jets seventh-round pick in trade for QB Ryan Fitzpatrick.
  • Broncos acquired the 49ers seventh-round pick as part of the Vernon Davis trade.
  • Texans acquired the Rams seventh-round pick in trade for QB Case Keenum.
  • Redskins acquired the Buccaneers seventh-round pick as part of the Dashon Goldson trade.

Forfeited picks

  • Patriots forfeit their first-round selection as the punishment for Deflategate. The team will also forfeit a 2017 fourth-round selection.
  • Rams forfeit their fifth-round selection after selecting OT Isaiah Battle in the 2015 Supplemental draft.
  • Falcons forfeit their fifth-round selection as the punishment for piping artificial crowd noise into their stadium during the 2013 and 2014 seasons.

Information was used from ProSportsTransactions.com and Wikipedia to create this list.

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As I sad on another page

Note on pg 55 of your transactions Nick Easton went to 49er’s for a
conditional late round pick. You don’t have that listed in your draft
order. Easton was later traded to Falcons for a 6th rd so Ravens should
be compensated by 49ers.

NFL Trade Rumors

In regards to Easton, the Ravens received a conditional 7th-rd pick as part of the deal with the 49ers. However, the conditions required Easton to be active for at least 5 games, which he wasn’t so the pick will not change hands.

Easton was later traded as part of the deal that sent LB Gerald Hodges to the 49ers. We have that featured above.

Thank You as there was no follow up that I was able to find anywhere as I follow this very closely From: Disqus To: [email protected] Sent: Tuesday, December 22, 2015 11:11 AM Subject: Re: Comment on List of Traded 2016 NFL Draft Picks #yiv3212560281 #yiv3212560281 a:hover, #yiv3212560281 a:hover span {color:#1188d2!important;}#yiv3212560281 .yiv3212560281button-cta:hover {color:#ffffff!important;background-color:#1188d2!important;}#yiv3212560281 .yiv3212560281button-cta:hover span {color:#ffffff!important;}#yiv3212560281 #yiv3212560281 #yiv3212560281 #yiv3212560281outlook a {padding:0;}#yiv3212560281 body {width:100% !important;}#yiv3212560281 .yiv3212560281ReadMsgBody {width:100%;}#yiv3212560281 .yiv3212560281ExternalClass {width:100%;display:block;}#yiv3212560281 @media screen and ( _filtered_a ){#yiv3212560281 html {}#yiv3212560281 .yiv3212560281content {width:100%;}#yiv3212560281 table {border-collapse:collapse;}#yiv3212560281 h2.yiv3212560281headline {font-weight:700;font-size:20px!important;margin-bottom:5px;}#yiv3212560281 .yiv3212560281button-cta {display:block!important;padding:0!important;}#yiv3212560281 div.yiv3212560281header {padding-top:20px;}#yiv3212560281 div.yiv3212560281footer {padding-bottom:20px;}}#yiv3212560281 #yiv3212560281 p.yiv3212560281mod-tools a:hover {color:white!important;background:#8c989f!important;}#yiv3212560281 @media screen and ( _filtered_a ){#yiv3212560281 td.yiv3212560281avatar, #yiv3212560281 td.yiv3212560281spacer… Read more »
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