Mario Manningham In A Position To Make “At Least” $7 Million Per Year?


Peter King writes that Giants WR Mario Manningham could be in a position to secure a contract that will pay him “at least” $7 million per season. King adds that the Giants will make a “cursory effort” to keep him but he’s more likely to be playing elsewhere next season.

Manningham, 26, has put together two solid seasons in the NFL but the rise of Victor Cruz limited his playing time and thus his overall production in 2011. The market for wide receivers is deep this year but Manningham is in a decent position to land a solid contract and his catch during the Super Bowl can’t hurt his value any.

So far, speculative options have included the Chicago Bears and the Cincinnati Bengals.

pixy Mario Manningham In A Position To Make "At Least" $7 Million Per Year?

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