Marvin Lewis’s Final Season In Cincinnati?

The Cincinnati Bengals have been a fairly disappointing team this season given that they are coming off of season where they wound up winning a tough a division.

Paul Daugherty of the Cincinnati Enquirer places the blame on head coach Marvin Lewis by saying, “This is coaching. It’s poor coaching,” Daugherty writes, “A team of amply talented players is falling flat on its aspirations. A team that won 10 games and a division last year and on paper is better this year is very close to kissing January goodbye.”

Lewis is in the last year of his contract and there has been little talk regarding an extension for him despite making the playoffs last season. The Bengals have been an up and down team throughout Lewis’s tenure with the club which may be one of the reasons that the team has yet to offer him an extension.

The good news is that the Bengals still have four games against the other three teams in their division but then again that could also be a negative thing.

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