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Matt Barkley’s Draft Stock On Rise?

Dan Pompei of the National Football Post is being told that USC QB Matt Barkley‘s draft stock is back on the rise due to a combination of intangibles and ability.

NFL teams appear to be placing an even larger emphasis on a quarterback’s intangibles after what’s transpired with Russell Wilson last season. The comments that have since come out regarding Wilson’s interviews with NFL teams show that nearly every team was so impressed by him a leader and a person that it overshadowed some of the concerns regarding his height.

When asked which quarterback conveyed the best leadership and intangibles, one G.M. answered:

“I think Barkley is special that way. He has some ‘it’ factor to him. The personality is there with Barkley. We ask them questions, try to get a feel for how much they love
football, and see if they have a special trait that makes people want to be around them and listen to them. It all comes through with him.”

Multiple front office executives surveyed by NFP agreed that Barkley’s draft stock is on the rise due to his anticipation, communication skills, personality and pocket presence. One executive went as far as to say that he has the best instincts and ability to see the field of all the quarterbacks.

Syracuse’s Ryan Nassib and North Carolina’s Mike Glennon were also mentioned as possessing this quality intangibles.


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