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Texans Have “Real” Interest In QB Matt Cassel


Ian Rapoport reports that the Houston Texans have “real” interest in veteran QB Matt Cassel.

  • Albert Breer is hearing that “chances are real” that Bill O’Brien uses Cassel as a “bridge to a franchise quarterback.
  • Breer adds that this could allow the Texans to pass on a quarterback at No. 1 overall and take the best player available.
  • John McClain of the Houston Chronicle would be “stunned” if Texans end up singing Cassel. (Update)

The connection here is obvious given that new Texans’ HC Bill O’Brien was an assistant with the Patriots during Cassel’s final few seasons with the team.

Houston has limited cap space to work with, but that could change in the next few days as teams are allowed to meet with free agents.

Cassel, 31, is in position to be one of the best available quarterbacks available in the free agent market, and even if he’s unable to secure a starting job, he’s likely to find plenty of interest as a backup.

Last season, he completed over 60 percent of his passing attempts for 1,807 yards to go along with 11 touchdowns and nine interceptions. We have him listed as the No. 98 player in our Top 100 Free Agents list.


Jason La Canfora reports that free agent QB Matt Cassel is expected to reach the open market next week.

According to La Canfora, the Vikings and still in talks with Cassel regarding a new contract, but an agreement is reportedly not close at this point in time.

Interestingly enough, La Canfora mentions that he could see Cassel signing with the Texans this offseason.


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V. C. Evans Sr.

There are a lot worse QBs on NFL rosters that has never had the success Vince Young has had in the NFL… (Rookie of the Year, 2 Pro Bowls, Playoff experience and Mobil). Vince will soon turn 31 years old.. He has a career winning record of 31-19.. I hope he gets another chance even if it’s third string…


Matt Schaub can still play but he received minimal coaching, protection or other support last season. After all the great years he’s given them, Houston appeared to give up on him far too easily. Matt Cassel isn’t the answer. He has no arm, is only effective when everything else around him is perfect and crumbles when things break down. He isn’t even a poor man’s Matt Schaub. There is a reason he hasn’t stuck anywhere and is always being replaced.

John K

Matt Schaub is a better QB, he just needed better coaching and play calling (and O-line). Why has everyone given up on him?

I’m sure Schaub would restructure his contract.


Obrien was the WR coach in NE when Cassel had his best year. Im pretty sure he knows what Cassel can do. As far as his lack of success with KC or Minnesota, shocker, no one has success with them in recent memory. Perhaps we should keep Schaub and pay a ridiculous amount of money? or get another veteran while we develop a rookie. Not a bad choice in my book. No one is saying Cassel is our guy or our future. But going through the year with a rookie and Keenum may produce another 2-14 season.

Gerry Jones



As a Houston transplant from the western Missouri area… please don’t do this.

Kyle Cotton

And just like that you have another NE assistant turned failed HC. If this does happen its a total waste of cap space on a veteran QB that could otherwise be used to resign people like Antonio Smith, Earl Mitchell, or Ben Tate.

But that’s fine as long as Bill gets his failed prototypical QB. God forbid any QB in the NFL was a little different. I’m so tired of this good old boys club.


Casdel isn’t elite but he isnt as bad as you think either. Ill say this though. Not taking a QB is ok but if you pass on these guys and they turn out to be franchise guys you will be set back for years. Ask the rams and browns


He’s as bad as we think.

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