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Matt Flynn Could Net The Seahawks A Third Or Fourth Round Pick?

According to ESPN’s John Clayton, there’s a chance that the Seattle Seahawks could net a third- or fourth-round pick in return for QB Matt Flynn.

Clayton mentions that the “lack of consistency” from this year’s quarterback class could help the Seahawks find a deal for Flynn given that a number of them could be taken in the first two rounds. Clayton adds that Flynn’s contract isn’t that big of an issue.

He’ll make $11.5 million over the next two year’s which is a fairly reasonable number for someone being considered for starting quarterback jobs.

Clayton points to new Jaguars head coach Gus Bradley and new Jets GM John Idzik as reasons why those two teams could be potential landing spots for Flynn.

If the asking price is really a third or fourth-round pick for Flynn, than it’s realistic to think Seattle will find interest from quarterback-needy teams. It’s just hard to imagine anyone offering more than third-round pick for a guy who really has only two NFL starts under his belt. Typically, I would point to the fact that he was beaten out by a rookie for the Seahawks starting job as well, but it’s pretty clear that few rookie quarterbacks have ever been as good as Russell Wilson was this last year.


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What did Seattle give up for Charlie Whitehurst? If that guy is worth a second then Matt Flynn certainly is worth ALL of that. I would take him on my team in a heartbeat. I hope if he goes, it is to an AFC team so we don’t have to see him much.


He just hopes he will net a third or fourth round pick. Stupid homer.


Clayton may live in the Great Northwest but he is not a homer!

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