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Matt Flynn Not A Fit For The Redskins

CBS Sports analyst Charley Casserly mentioned that free agent QB Matt Flynn would not be a good fit for the Redskins as he’s played in a west-coast offense while in Green Bay.

I think [Flynn] in this system he plays in is really good,” said Casserly. “So Cleveland, Seattle, if Joe Philbin ends up with a head job in Miami. I’m not sure if it’s exactly the same thing the Redskins want in their system. I’m not sure if everything they’re doing right now is some of the things he’s good at.”

The trading Donovan McNabb, who played in a west-coast offense while in Philadelphia, didn’t exactly play out well for the Redskins which is why the Redskins and Mike Shanahan could approach the idea of adding Flynn with caution.

At this point in time, Cleveland, Seattle or possibly Miami makes more sense.

  • Not sure I agree… Washington runs a variant system of the WCO. But it’s still predicated on a mobile and accurate passer. Flynn seems like he’s got the tools to do that. He’s not especially athletic but he can move in the pocket well, and in the games I’ve seen, he’s got a great arm. I think the Shanahan’s would love a passer with Flynn’s skill-set. It’s a matter on if they’ll pursue him.

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      Your point is well taken.

      Flynn has proven to be a very capable quarterback while in Green Bay but he still comes with some risk and possibly a large price tag. Shanahan has to know that another quarterback mistake could be the end of his time in Washington which is why it would make some sense to draft someone that he can develop and in turn buy some extra time to get the team in better shape.

      Either way the Redskins can’t go into another season with Rex Grossman cemented as their starter.

      • Either way the process of selecting a franchise QB comes with a huge risk. It’s just a matter of figuring out which way they’ll go. It’s unrealistic to think that if they stay at #7, RG3 will fall in their lap, so getting a blue chip QB in the draft will require a huge commitment in not only money, but more resources in terms of players or present/future picks. With the team still in need with a lot of other holes, I actually see going with Matt Flynn an easier gamble, because he’s somewhat of a known commodity, with decent upside. The commitment with Flynn would purely be money, and when have you known Washington in caring about wasting money? What they CANNOT afford is wasting precious draft picks. They still have a lot of holes to fill. Moving up and missing on RG3 would set the franchise back a lot further than missing on Matt Flynn.

        • But then again, RG3 could be the next “Cam Vick” so if he is a top QB with 12 years of success at the position in front of him, that could set them back as well, to think they let him get away. I remember when they decided to stick with Brunell and draft Jason Campbell instead of taking a “gamble” on signing Drew Brees— everyone was worried then about the money he was looking for too, and the fact that his shoulder just had major surgery, look how that played out.

          • LOL, well my point is, they’ve swung and missed so many times at the position, it is what it is.

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          It’s hard to argue with your big picture approach as it’s more likely to translate into true success rather than going all in on a player during the draft.

          Last year Washington consistently traded down and overall did a great job of finding players that were available later in the draft like Ryan Kerrigan and Roy Helu that they could develop. I was suggesting an approach similar to this rather than moving up for RGIII. They could employ a similar strategy this year and possibly grab someone like Ryan Tannehill or Nick Foles while adding additional draft picks that they can use to shore up some other needs like cornerback, offensive line and wide receiver.
          I’m not against the Flynn idea, I just think that the Browns, Seahawks and Dolphins could be better fits.

  • Monkeyhouserodge

    spoken just like a person who knows nothing about football.

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      Could you see the Redskins pursuing a quarterback like Matt Flynn?

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