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Matt Forte’s Contract Situation Is “Going To Be Ugly”

Jason Cole of Yahoo Sports writes that the situation is “going to be ugly” between the Chicago Bears and RB Matt Forte.

Cole mentions that Forte’s looking for a deal close to the ones that Adrian Peterson or Chris Johnson recently signed, but adds that the Bears are looking to pay him like “an average runner.”

We’ve mentioned for sometime now that this could very well end up being the most leverage that Forte will have from here on, considering that the Bears could always franchise him again or allow him to leave next season, one year older. Chicago will have to decide if they can handle things without him next season or increase their offer some, because there’s actually decent chance that this could carry over into the season.


pixy Matt Forte's Contract Situation Is "Going To Be Ugly"

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Forte is a good back, but in no universe does he get Peterson or CJ2K money.

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