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Matt Moore Could Be Someone The Browns Consider During Free Agency

Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald writes that although the Dolphins would like to retain free agent QB Matt Moore, the Cleveland Browns could be a potential landing spot.

Jackson mentions that new Browns offensive coordinator Norv Turner is a “big fan” of Moore and they could clearly use some extra depth at the position.

Jackson adds that Moore could be targeting a similar contract to that of Kyle Orton who signed a deal that pays him $3.5 million annually to be Tony Romo‘s backup. However, the opportunity to compete for a starting job could be too much for Moore to pass up.

Turner and the Chargers reportedly showed interest in Moore a few years ago, so there’s at least a speculative connection to be made.

Moore, 28, has spent the last few seasons as the Dolphins backup quarterback, but put together a decent year for the Panthers not too long ago. The Browns will almost certainly consider all available options at this point, but Moore could end up being a serviceable stop gap for them if they’re unwilling to overpay for a guy like Alex Smith.

We have Moore listed as the No. 53 best available player in our Top 100 Free Agents list.

  • Why go to Matt Moore. Weeden at least can play. It would be ridiculous to lose Weeden for more.

  • J Sanders

    Not sure what they see in Moore he is a proven backup and nothing more he reminds me of Anderson

  • sherman

    the browns will never have a team if they keep changing every year

  • MBMarc

    First, as far as Moore is concerned, let’s not waste money that can be better spent elsewhere. Moore is a career backup….Period. Moore is not any better than Weeden so it doesn’t make any sense to sign him, we already have enough backup QB’s. The Browns need to see if Weeden can be a starter with the right offense/coaching.

    But again this is simply some BS rumour from a sportswriter looking for a story during the off season hoping that it hits so he can make a name for himself. Find a story with facts, present them objectively, and then you can be considered a journalist.

  • wolfman0802

    I think you hit it Matt… I believe most Browns fans were concerned about his age as a rookie.. Weeden might do well in another scheme, but he needs the competition

  • Come on, Norv. Start out on the right foot. Stick with Weeden and give him his shot. Don’t be an idiot.

  • Matthew King

    I like Moore as a backup and a potential starter if you need him. He could provide Weeden with the competition that he needs. Moore is more capable than current backup McCoy. I like McCoy but I think he suited for a west coast offense team.