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Matt Ryan’s Next Contract Could Come Close To $140 Million?

Joel Corry of the National Football Post mentioned that Matt Ryan‘s next contract could not only best Joe Flacco‘s recent six-year $120.6 million contract extension, but could come close to the $140 million mark.

“He should average at least $21 million, $22 million or $23 million,” said Corry, via the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Corry mentioned that Ryan’s contract could end up between $126 million and $138 million and include more than $60 million guaranteed.

The guaranteed money and what your first three years of compensation (is) the most important issue,” said Corry. “I expect Matt Ryan to exceed $60 million in guarantees. He’s probably going to be at $65 million-plus over the first three years. That wouldn’t surprise me.”

Ryan, 27, is entering the final year of his rookie contract. The Falcons have previously mentioned that getting Ryan locked up long-term is an obvious priority for them. As of now, Ryan will make $10 million for the upcoming season and has a cap figure of $12 million.

Both he and Aaron Rodgers could end up surpassing Flacco’s recent contract before their current deals are up. I’m sure we’ll be hearing more about Ryan’s contract in the coming months.

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Isiah Lamont Owens

since the falcons got rid of mike murlarky as OC, i believe the best is yet to come for them

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