Michael Vick’s Last Season With The Eagles?

Michael Lombardi of the NFL Network mentioned that he believes that Michael Vick is currently playing to retain his job as the Eagles starting quarterback next season.

Michael Vick is playing for his year,” said Lombardi, via WEEI.com. “If Michael Vick doesn’t get his season turned around … his contract is set up such that the Eagles can walk away from him next year without any cap implications at all.”

If he doesn’t perform well, or the Eagles continue to go along this pace where they’re winning but really not winning, I think you’ll see them make a change of quarterback,” added Lombardi.

Vick has shown some improvement, but he is consistently turning the ball over in key situations. His durability has been called into question several times in recent years, and opposing defenses are no longer afraid of him like they were two seasons ago. The Eagles would have to pay him $12.5 million along with a $3 million roster bonus in 2013 and $14.5 million along with a $2 million roster bonus in 2014.

Lombardi correct in that the Eagles will have to make a decision regarding his future with the team later on this year. Given the amount of money that he’s set to make, Philadelphia may decide to go with Nick Foles who is not only cheaper, but also showed some promise during the preseason.

pixy Michael Vick's Last Season With The Eagles?

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