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Mike Shanahan Won’t Commit To Robert Griffin III Starting In Week 15

Washington Redskins HC Mike Shanahan would not commit on Monday to starting Robert Griffin III their Week 15 game against the Atlanta Falcons.

According to Shanahan, the team’s top priority is to ensure that Griffin healthy this offseason, which means there is a chance they could sit him in favor of backup Kirk Cousins this week.

If he did get injured, I’d be very disappointed if he wasn’t there in the offseason,” Shanahan said.

This of course could be posturing on the part of Shanahan as things appear to be somewhat contentious between him and the team’s front office. A report from earlier in the day suggested that the Redskins were looking for ways to get out Shanahan’s current contract without paying his full salary.

Add in the fact that people around the league believe Shanahan leaked information to ESPN that he nearly quit before last year’s playoff game due to issues with owner Dan Snyder and it appears all but certain that Shanahan will be fired at some point in the near future.

Jeff Darlington of the NFL Network mentioned that “you’re naive if you think Shanahan’s mindset to shelve RGIII for rest of year isn’t a power play that has to do with Shanahan’s own future.”

Shanahan also dodged questions on whether he wants to coach the Redskins in 2014, so it appears that the writing is on the wall at this point in time. We’ll have more regarding this situation as the news is available.

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You know, the game of Football is great it’s the egotistical A-holes like Shannahan and Synder who are undercover bigots who F the whole sport up. RGlll is a athlete first, then a player and has a title and plays this sport and last I checked, is still the starter and you wait until game 15 to worry about his health in the off season? Bulls..t. I be glad when Shannahan is fired and the league bans Synder the lunatic.

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