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More Accusations That The NFL Didn’t Fully Investigate Domestic Violence Case Involving Brandon Marshall

Gloria Allred held a press conference Wednesday to announce allegations that then-Broncos WR Brandon Marshall assaulted Kristeena Spivey and the NFL didn’t fully look into the matter.

According to Allred, the father of Rashida Watley has told her that he informed NFL commissioner Roger Goodell that an NFL player abused his daughter and never received a response from the league.

Spivey’s statement outlines incidents in which she claims she witnessed Marshall abusing his girlfriend at the time.

ESPN’s John Barr posted a timeline of the events that took place several years ago.

Marshall reportedly assaulted her during an incident that took place at Watley’s Atlanta condo in June of 2007. Watley had a noticeable cut on her right thigh, but told officers at the time that she accidentally cut herself with a kitchen knife.

Police were later called to the condo for a second time and Watley changed her story involving Marshall. She said that he did in fact cut her thigh with a kitchen knife during a fight, and punched her in the forehead repeatedly.

Spivey told officers that she tried to block Marshall from the parking lot after she spotted him at the condo, but Marshall “rammed her car with his Cadillac Escalade and then left his SUV and threw a large rock at the passenger side of Spivey’s car.”

Marshall has previously denied that he ever abused Watley.

Barr points out in his timeline that Goodell did suspend Marshall for three games, but it was later reduced to one game after an appeal.

An NFL spokesman told ESPN at the time that “a potential reduction in [Marshall’s] initial three-game suspension was always contemplated if he complied with required counseling and other conditions of the suspension.

This once again calls into question Goodell and the NFL’s willingness to investigate domestic abuse cases to the fullest extent. The league is already dealing with numerous cases involving NFL players, so we’ll have to see what they have to say about the latest allegations.

I’m sure we’ll be hearing plenty more regarding this topic in the coming days.

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