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More Updates Regarding The Percy Harvin Trade

Here’s a collection of notes regarding the Seahawks trade that sent WR Percy Harvin to the Jets in return for a conditional draft pick.

  • According to Brian Costello, reports of the Jets receiving a fourth-round pick that could end up being a second-round selection are “not accurate” and are instead “too high.”
  • Ian Rapoport reports that Harvin is set to have his physical with the Jets this afternoon after flying there early this morning. Rapoport adds that the deal could be official today.
  • Manish Mehta reports that the Seahawks learned of Harvin trade before boarding team bus and RB Marshawn Lynch, who is close to Harvin, went off and almost didn’t get on bus.
  • Jason Cole mentions that if this doesn’t workout for Harvin and the Jets, “the end of his career is coming very quickly.” Cole adds that even if this isn’t the end for him, he may no longer be in a position to secure a decent contract.

Harvin, 26, will make a total of $41.5 million over the next four years, but there is no more guaranteed money remaining in his contract after the 2014 season. This means the Jets could, and probably will, treat this like a short trial period.

If they end up parting with a draft pick lower than a fourth-round selection, it wouldn’t be all that bad of a deal for them, even if they don’t get much from him. However, you still have to wonder why they didn’t make the move a few weeks ago, especially with the Seahawks reportedly shopping him around for awhile now.

Over the course of five games this season, Harvin has caught 22 passes for 133 yards receiving and contributed another 92 yards rushing and a touchdown.

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