Multiple Teams Interested In Trading Back Into Round One For Derek Carr?


According to ESPN’s John Clayton, four to five teams have told Fresno State QB Derek Carr that they are interested in trading into round one take him in the 20s.

Many have said that Carr could end up being a first-round pick and possibly get drafted higher than Louisville QB Teddy Bridgewater.

The Browns are in decent position to take a quarterback at No. 26 overall given that they own the Colts first-round pick. However, this could work to their disadvantage if they don’t take a quarterback at No. 4 overall considering that it basically sets the bar for where teams will need to be in order to get their choice of remaining quarterbacks.

There are multiple teams drafting in the late teens and early 20s who could look to trade back with a team targeting a quarterback.

The Dolphins, Packers and Chiefs all seem like candidates to trade back, depending on who’s still available by the time they are on the clock.

As for teams who could have interest in moving up for Carr, the Raiders, Texans, Jaguars and Titans all need quarterbacks and are drafting at the top of round two. They would probably have to part with at least a third-round pick to make this happen, but it’s certainly something to watch.

We have Carr going to the Cardinals in the first round of our recently updated 2014 NFL Mock Draft.


pixy Multiple Teams Interested In Trading Back Into Round One For Derek Carr?

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