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“Mutual Interest” Between Packers & FB John Kuhn Regarding New Contract

The agent for Packers FB John Kuhn, Kevin Gold, told Pete Dougherty that there is “mutual interest” between the two sides regarding a new contract.

Aaron Rodgers offered some strong support for Kuhn being back with the team next year and he’s coming off of a solid 2013 season for Green Bay.

It’s worth noting that Kuhn played a little over 28 percent of the team’s offensive snaps last year, and plays a position that has depreciate in value for a number of years now. However, Kuhn was able to supplement his lack of playing time by contributing on special teams.

The Packers paid Kuhn a base salary of $1.8 million last year, but it seems likely that they could find a more reasonable figure next year.


  • RyansDad

    Kuhhhhhnnnnn! His block at Chicago put us in the playoffs. We need him back!

  • shavager

    Kuhn was worth the $1.8, just ask Julius Peppers, Randall Cobb and Aaron Rodgers. Here’s hopin’ the K-MAN gets resigned for GB backfield, he’s the best blocking back they have, bar none.

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