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New Seahawks Logo?

Nike will be taking over the rights to the NFL’s jersey’s in near future and one team that has reportedly been working on a new logo is the Seattle Seahawks. The logo may have already leaked thanks to


possiblenewseahawkslogo-300x139 New Seahawks Logo?

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Your crazy the uniform they have now are one of the sweetest in the NFL. Our logo is fine, they aren’t doing anything dramatically different. Everything is going to look the same except for more gray and less green. They are going to have a gray alternate which I think is going to look sick.


About time am not a seahawk fan but i live in washington. And i see all the time and i believe it has to be up their for one of the ugliests one in sports history and their colors. You would figure that for a team with such a rich owner they would hire someone who can give them some cool colors and logo.

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Agreed. Adding in some silver seems like a better idea than the bright green that they’ve been going with. It just doesn’t work that well.

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