NFC Notes: Cardinals, Packers, Panthers, Saints



Packers QB Aaron Rodgers told reporters on Wednesday that he isn’t coming back to save the team. Instead, he’s hoping that being back will help to raise the play of those around him.

“Hopefully, it gives a lift to some of the guys, but I’m not coming back to save this team,” Rodgers said, via Rob Demovsky of ESPN. “I’m coming back to play quarterback the way I know how to play it. Hopefully, we all raise the level of our play collectively and find a way to win these three games.”

Rodgers added that if he had any concerns about his collarbone and how it would hold up, he wouldn’t have returned from injured reserve.

“I wouldn’t be standing here ready to play if I wasn’t confident I could go out there and play the way that I’ve always played,” Rodgers said. “There’s just no point in doing that. It’s a risky game; it’s a dangerous game. There’s risks every time you step on the field.

“With the concussions that have happened in this game, that, to me, is something to be more worried about than altering your play to take a shot and landing on your shoulder again. That’s something that we deal with and that’s why we love this game. I think [Pittsburgh Steelers safety] Mike Mitchell had a lot of good points when he was talking about the nature of this game. It’s a physical game, and you have to go out and play as much as you can without fear. That’s why I’m here, that’s why we’re cleared and that’s why I’m playing.”


  • Joe Person of the Charlotte Observer reports that Panthers CB Captain Munnerlyn left Wednesday’s practice because he was unhappy about his role in the team’s upcoming gameplan.
  • Panthers HC Ron Rivera later described the matter as being “personal” and declined further comment beyond that.
  • Munnerlyn later posted on Twitter: “Wow 😳 so people just start to make up story’s smh come on people who came up with this one 🤦🏽‍♂️.”
  • Munnerlyn has, however, returned to practice on Thursday. (Joe Person)


  • Saints RB Alvin Kamara said he is recovered from a concussion and will play in Week 15: “I’m good to go. I’m gonna play.” (Nick Underhill)
  • Saints HC Sean Payton said Thursday the expectation is that Kamara will play in Sunday’s game.

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