NFL Comes Down Hard On The Cowboys & Redskins For Cap Violations


Two years ago it was announced that the NFL would operate the 2011 season without the salary cap in place. During this time, some NFL teams chose to dump extra salary during this period despite the fact that they were instructed not to do so.

ESPN’s  Adam Schefter reports that the league will takeaway $10 million in cap space from the Cowboys and a much larger sum of $36 million from the Redskins.

Schefter adds that they choose to either have the money removed from this year or next and should also be able to split it up between both seasons. This money ($1.6 million) will be redistributed to every NFL team other than the Raiders and Saints.

This will undoubtedly have a large impact on both teams plans for the offseason. It was expected that the Redskins could target a number of key free agents like Vincent Jackson, and they probably still could, but they’ll have to do so on a much tighter budget. This also makes it seem very unlikely that Dallas will end up with either Mario Williams or Carl Nicks despite the rumors suggesting that both players are options for the team. Jerry Jones could push off the cap hit until next season but it would be surprising to see him target either or these players now.

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Mikey Roederer
Mikey Roederer

Wow that is a serious hit to Dallas and Washington, but the rest of the team thanks you for the extra they can spend on better back up linemen…


LMAO. Hey Skin fans, you still think you’ll be giving V-Jax an offer “he cant refuse”? Now theres no doubt the Bears will be able to match any offer the Skins give, then it comes to down to which team is more attractable of the two, and we know which team that is. As I said before, V-Jac will be a Bear, period.

NFL Trade Rumors
NFL Trade Rumors

This is definitely good new for teams like the Bears and Buc’s but Washington will still have room for a big name free agent. Just wanted to point that out.