NFL Could Extend The Draft To Four Days



Jeff Darlington of the NFL Network spoke with NFL commissioner Roger Goodell on Friday who mentioned that the league will consider the idea of stretching the draft to four days.

  • Darlington mentions that the draft would still be seven rounds long.
  • Goodell reportedly added that the they’re unsure whether the draft will return to April or remain in May, per Darlington.
  • The NFL is apparently considering all options at this point regarding the specific date for the draft and the location.

Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk writes that stretching the event to four days would only make sense if they were to consider moving the final two days to a different location.

The idea of taking the draft to different cities has come up in recent years, so it wouldn’t be that surprising to them go this route.

However, Florio makes a great point in that there is plenty of interest and drama during the first night, but the event starts to diminish significantly as the draft moves along.

Hosting the final four rounds in a different city may not be all that successful given that it’s already reached a point where the overall interest has subsided, at least to some degree.

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