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NFL Hands Out Suspension For Saints Players Involved In Bounty Scandal

May 2, 2012 Saints

ESPN’s Adam Schefter reports that the NFL has finally announced the suspensions for players that were involved in bounty scandal.

Most notably, MLB Jonathan Vilma has been suspended for the entire 2012 season. Current Packers DE Anthony Hargrove receives an 8 game suspension, while DE Will Smith will be suspended for four games. Browns LB Scott Fujita also receives a 3 game suspension of his own.

Vilma’s suspension is effective immediately, while the other players will be allowed to participate in the team’s OTAs as well as the preseason. So far, all four of the players have already appealed the leagues decision, but considering that the NFL considers the issue very severe in terms of players safety, as well as the fact that Roger Goodell was the one that handed out the suspension to begin with, it seems unlikely that they would overturn their ruling.

Hargroves suspension was increased to 8 games because of the fact that he “signed declaration,” also “actively obstructed” the league’s 2010 investigation.


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